Fastest 16in Sec. in South Pars Phase 25

Well No:11, Mar 2015

Skid-Skid: 4.08 days, Drilling time: 2.78

High ROP.Saved 10 Days vs. AFE

Client: PGFK, CPOE-9

SPD24-05, 04, 07, May 2015







Record of Drilling in one day

SPD-23-11, Nov 2015

622m of Directional Drilling, 12 1/4” Sec









Well Target-1 Rig

Long Horizontal Directional Drilling

Siri Alvand Field, Well DPH-11-ST1, Date Jan 2019

1,108 m Horizontal well in 6-1/8″ Hole size,

PKOK drilled this well with Motor assembly

instead of RSS as drilling program, to save cost for client








High ROP. Save 3 Day vs.AFE

A15-02, Date July 2016

1270m 6 1/8” Horiz. ROP=28m/hr