PKOK offers using downhole motors as a performance drilling in vertical wells to increase the rate of penetration (ROP) and reduce casing wear by minimizing string rotation.

By turning the bit several times faster than drill string which is provided by motors, in addition to the mentioned advantages, also causes more effective control over deviation and saves the final time and cost.

PKOK mud motors have been designed specifically to meet the demanding criteria of performance and directional drilling.

PKOK motors are cost effective, robust and have proven history of performance in drilling applications in offshore and onshore rig. These are designed to provide reliable operation in harsh operating environments. With a multitude of configurations available, PKOK motors can be customized to specific bit and drilling applications, ensuring the right tool for job.

PKOK motors are designed according to directional drillers' requirements, with particular emphasis on ruggedness, simplicity and proven technology that translated to superior, dependable performance at the well site. Customer and operational requirements are established through liaison with drilling operators.