Petro Kariz Omid Kish (PKOK) strives to provide well design and drilling engineering services to its clients with the best wellbore integrity which is critical and important for operational efficiency. Combination of many years’ experience and the proven well-design software, enable PKOK to analyze and develop well plans, Anti-Collision analysis, Survey Management, BHA design, Torque and Drag analysis and Hydraulic design. In addition, our technical experts provide the drilling optimization, Bit selection, Casing, Liner and tubing drag calculation.


Anti-collision analysis can be performed against all of the offset wells stored in the Database. The main results include wellbore separation factor, EOU clearance, Spider plot and traveling cylinder.

Survey Management

All of directional survey data can be entered and the definitive wellbore survey is created by specifying depths and survey program for each survey section. Once the final survey has been loaded it can be locked as definitive thus ensuring this integrity of the database for anti-collision analysis or future re-entry.

Torque and Drag

Torque & Drag analysis system is used to validate well designs and prevent loss of rig time by eliminating drilling string failure. The analysis include including torque, drag, stresses and side forces. The calculated loads are compared to string yield limits strength and rig operating limits.


Hydraulics optimization and analysis system is used to model downhole circulating pressures during drilling, tripping, and running casing. Also enhance bit hydraulic performance and ensure effective hole cleaning.